Must Read: A Simple Life On Paper... Part 4

If you missed the part Three(3), read it HERE!!!

It goes without saying that her kind gesture was a
topic of jest in the office. She had become Mike’s
wife as the other guys (apart from Emeka and
Greg) put it. The poking didn’t bother me. I was too
busy enjoying my fried rice, chicken and yogurt. I
had a smile on my face like the cat that ate the
canary. She blushed (well, the Nigerian version of
blushing) when we made eye contact.
I knew I had to say something after work.
By four o’clock that evening, only three of us were
left in the office. I, Emeka and Uzomaka sat facing
our different workstations. I guess Emeka was
using the work I had given him two weeks ago to
make sure he left with Uzomaka. She was working
on something I had given
her in the morning and I was working on
something my boss gave me an hour ago. The rest
went home as soon as they had cleared their
I finished my work and started packing up my bag.
Knowing that I had to lock up the office and hand
over the key to a security guard, Uzi (her
nickname) started doing the same. Emeka
however was taking his sweet time at his work. I
took a second from packing up to tell him to pack
up before he followed suit.
On our way downstairs, Emeka blurt out a
What are your intentions for my sister?” It came
as a demand with an undertone of desperation. I
stopped walking. She did too. I stretched out my
hand, held hers, and pulled her o my side. Looked
at her, smiled, looked
at him and said “my intentions towards this lovely
lady are absolutely NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS”.
She couldn’t fight back the chuckle that hit her. We
went on talking about work related stuff (with her)
before she went into
the car that had come to pick her up, he sped off
in his and I took a cab home…as usual.
I got home and got a text. It was from my bank. I
had got half a million naira deposited into my
account from the caretaker. I wanted to scream! I
had to comport myself and call the landlord to give
him the news. After the usual pleasantries, he
asked me if I had been reimbursed by the
caretaker. I was surprised that he was not
surprised by the amount they deposited. He even
went further by telling me that week long
renovations on Tinuke’s apartment were going to
start the next day. He
asked that I should help keep an eye on the
progress of the work whenever I got the chance
as a favour to him.
Let’s face it, if someone gave you half a million
naira; you would automatically owe him at least
two favours. I only spent a hundred and fifty
thousand naira on the renovations!
The following morning, I got a knock on my door. It
was a guy who introduced himself as the
contractor that was going to renovate the
apartment across from mine. He
gave me a spare key and said his crew would
start later on. He just wanted to give me the keys
before I went off to work.


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