Must Read: A Simple Life On Paper... Part 3

If you missed the part Two(2), read it HERE!!!

Those three were actually creative and sharp. The
other guys that came up later were mentally late.
Emeka behaved as if he was a more important
than all of us in the office and considered the fact
that Uzomaka was also Igbo as his exclusive right
to her attention.
Patrick was always busy online. Blackberry should
sue him using their device beyond its prescribed
basic use.
He couldn’t design a gate when I asked him to. He
couldn’t design a low-cost two bedroom semi-
detached, he could not repair workshop. To make
matters worse… he is slow at typing on a regular
A two months after I had paid my rent I got a call
from an unknown number. It was my landlord Chief
After our pleasantries, he inquired if the caretaker
had gotten in touch with me. He sounded annoyed
when the answer was negative. He said he was
coming over the next day. He had something to do
in the compound. I had no problem with that. It
was going to be Saturday.
Saturday was just another boring day. I was at
home watching some movies I had downloaded
over the week and drinking my homemade jug of
milkshakes (I would
buy bananas, a whole pineapple, watermelon,
oranges and a litre of yogurt then I would blend
them up in batches). I had completely forgotten
about my landlord’s arrival. The man ended up
coming sometime around three in the afternoon.
His driver knocked on my door
and told me Chief was waiting in the opposite
I went to my room, put on a shirt and went to meet
He was with a lady and they hushed whatever
they were talking about when they felt my
presence. She looked really alluring. She had an
lean figure with just the right amount of curves to
count as an eight but that was not what made
stand in awe for a brief second; She had
such a beautiful face I did not even notice she was
Chief introduced her as his daughter Tinuke. She
was going to serve in the state so she decided to
take up the only vacant apartment he had in the
estate. Then he went on to tell me how the
caretaker had been collecting huge sums of
money for the annual renovation of each flat. He
had discovered it the other day when I told him I
effected the renovations from my own pocket so
he asked a quantity surveyor to estimate the cost
of the work I had done and told the caretaker to
pay me back
the said amount.
We went around the apartment and she was
alright with it. There were some minor points of
concern that I pointed out to them and He was in
agreement. The both rode off in the Prado after the
chief made his intention to sue his caretaker for a
gross negligence of duty.
When I thought of Tinuke; a bone grows. For the
first time in a long time, a lady featured in my
At work, the ladies were in the middle of a
territorial display between Greg and Emeka. They
would raise their voices and generally be rude to
each other. Then they would try and get the
support of Maryann, Irene, Bunmi or Uzomaka. I
avoided their confrontations as best I could. My
mind usually went into work.
Uzi had started being nice to me all of a sudden.
She went out with Bunmi for lunch and got me a
takeaway bag. I was so stupefied that it was
showing on my face.
“You work too hard. I would not like to see you get
an ulcer” she said with a wink as she went
majestically walked back to her seat. I think I said,
“thank you” at one point but I am not too sure.


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