Must Read: A Simple Life On Paper... Part 2

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At work, my male peers seemed to be competing
with me. They would always try to prove that they
knew more than I did on any topic I ventured to
discuss. Fortunately for me, I don’t discuss topics
I don’t know much about. I reckon they did that
because of Irene and Maryann…the only two
babes in our office of eight.
So I keep to myself and let the guys fight for the
attention of the ladies. Of all the guys, the most
macho and eager to mate is Gregory. He was a
shameless flirt that used a long range of
vulgarities as compliments and let his eyes
wander down any little cleavage or rear that
came his way. I get a really bad vibe from him and
by the way the ladies started covering up at
work…I probably was not the only one.
I was called into the director’s office one day and
he gave me a list of five people who I was going to
be overseeing during their industrial training. The
list included their institutions and contact details. I
was to contact them all and tell them when to
resume. I knew this was going to bring me some
friction with Greg because that was his
responsibility and he used it to
cater to his carnal needs (and brag about it in the
office when his supplier had gone back to school).
I went back to my table and composed an SMS
telling them to report to the office on the first
Monday of the upcoming month and report to me
by eight in the morning. I knew Greg let them
come at will but I would rather they came around
the same time I did so I would not have to assign
chores on multiple occasions or get
distracted from my work by a late arrivals.
Maryann came over to my desk and took the
paper with the list on it. She read through it and
laughed. “So now you will be the one filling our
ears with IT students related escapades,” she said
out loud. I suspect she wanted Greg to know I had
taken his feeding ground. If
that was her aim, it worked. He sprung to his feet
and came to my desk. Playfully took the list from
her and scanned through it. “All these schools are
boring,” he said with a hiss. “You won’t get any fun
from this batch,” he said as he walked back to his
seat. Maryann looked up from her laptop and
looked at Greg with scorn.
“Do you think Michael is as primitive as you?” Her
question was laced with so much contempt that
Greg did the smartest thing he had ever done
since I knew him; he kept his trap shut!
In the ten days to their arrival, all my
correspondences with Greg were not just short
but laced with contempt. I did not really care, but
the other guys in the office were trying to
reconcile us. They had basically no luck.
Three out of the five students that I was expecting
arrived promptly. I instantly felt a wave of pity for
the two ladies (Bunmi and Uzomaka) because they
were both very attractive and had alluring outfits
on. Greg will definitely hunt them down till they
My introduction was brief and straight to the point.
Told them I was going to be responsible for all the
permissions they require and work allocation they
are to receive. I also stated that other officers in
the office are allowed to allocate work to them in
the event that I am
not around to give it to them personally.
As I expected, the only amongst them had a
question to ask. Unfortunately for him, he asked an
obviously stupid question. The “rep” he was trying
to build with the ladies suffered a blow. His name
was Abdulrasaq. His shiny
shoes, super pressed clothes and stomach-high
shirt-tuck were a testament as to how serious he
was about his training. Was I impressed? No, I

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